It's different. It's private.
It's local. It's unpretentious. Chic Shed TV THE Speak to the Top Chic for a free one-on-one consultation

Behind the roller door you will find a boutique, state of the art personal training studio.  Top Chic, Robyn Vincent has selected the best of the best.  State of the art equipment from HF Industries, Australian Barbell Company and Ironedge.


With over 20 years in the health and fitness industry all equipment and training techniques are defined and specialised to suit you.


The Shed is where foundations are set, changes occur and excitement kicks in!

“If it’s possible for other chics then it is possible for you” says Top Chic, Robyn Vincent, former IFBB Professional fitness athlete.


One-On-One Personal Training
Outdoor Group Training
Rehab & Prohab Training
Body Composition Specialists
Elite Event Training

Super Chic Tess - Zircher Squat

Tess - Roman Ring Elevated Flye

Strengthen your body
Shed your body fat
Dare to succeed

Super Chic Tess - Roman Ring Elevated Flye